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Chief Minister gives up on Telangana resolution

December 11, 2009

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, K Rosaiah on Friday said that it will not possible to introduce a resolution favoring creation of separate Telangana State in the on going winter session of the Assembly as its duration was very short leaving little scope for a thorough discussion. In a statement, he said that he had expressed his helplessness in having the resolution passed in the Assembly because of members of the House were divided on it.

It is not even regional issue and it is a sub regional issue. He had told the same to the Union Home Minister, P Chidambaram that if he wanted, I would simply introduce the resolution in the House and leave it that, he said. The Chief Minister clarified that he had not received any written communication from Chidambaram on what he should do about moving the resolution in the Assembly.

He said that Chidambaram had only told him that the process of creation of separate Telangana statehood soon begin which meant it would take time. He also said to the activists, both for and against a separate State, should realize that such agitations would hinder the development.


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