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TRS President KCR health bulletin was doctored?

December 15, 2009

At a press conference on Tuesday, the Telugu Desam leader T Srinivas Yadav charged that the reports on the health condition of TRS president, K Chandrasekhara Rao while he was on fast at the NIMS were 'doctored'. He questioned how Chandrasekhara Rao could be discharged soon after he ended his 11 day hunger strike and went on to say that medical reports were highly distorted.

Holding Chief Minister, K Rosaiah responsible for disruption of public life across the State, he said the relative inaction by the government on sensitive political developments were only leading to deterioration of law and order situation in the State.

He said Congress leaders as well as the people should think in a broader perspective and work towards a mutually agreeable solution and recalling that the Government had spoken of outside forces working in the State capital and trying to destabilize life, he asked the Chief Minister to clarify if they had identified these forces and taken them into custody or not.


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