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TRS President gives time to the Centre

December 20, 2009

The TRS president K Chandrasekhara Rao has deferred his proposed bus yatra, a thanks giving tour in the region to express gratitude to the Centre and the people. Instead, conduct a victory rally, in Warangal on December 24 to celebrate the Centre's announcement on initiating the process for formation of Telangana and reiterate the party's commitment to continue its struggle till separate Statehood for the region is achieved. The TRS polit bureau, at an emergency meeting decided against the proposed yatra by Chandrasekhara Rao owing to his fragile health and because his immune systems were still weak.

According to party sources said that the yatra's postponement came after indications from the Centre not to precipitate the crisis which were witnessing widespread agitations cutting across political lines. He said that they will give time to the Central Government to resolve the issues to ensure that agitations are called off while addressing some elected representatives of the PRP and TDP who joined the TRS at the party office on Sunday. Recalling the sacrifices made by students and youth ever since he went on fast from November 29, he appealed to youth not to resort to extreme steps and said that though the TRS was willing to wait, it would not tolerate any attempts to defer further process on Telangana indefinitely.

KCR launched a trenchant attack on the TDP for its failure to spell out its stand on Telangana at a time when a new entrant like PRP made its path clear. He dismissed the movement for unified State launched in other regions as a real estate struggle claiming that the real struggle launched in Telangana prompted the Centre to take a positive decision. He charged the parting leading the unified State movement with lacking unity in their ranks, he said their struggle was reflective of the political one up man ship by leaders who had an eye on the Chief Minister's post in Andhra Pradesh.


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