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MP Yaskhi says Telangana issue has reached a point of no return

December 21, 2009

Congress MP Madhu Yaskhi on Monday averred that the Telangana Statehood issue has now reached a point of no return and the best way forward was to discuss how peacefully and amicably the separation could take place. Speaking to TNIE, Madhu Yaskhi who has been vociferously campaigning with the party leadership for a separate Telangana, said contentious issues could be sorted out if all concerned sit down for discussions with an open mind.

He averred that the ongoing agitation for a united Andhra has only consolidated the mood in Telangana in favor of separate state. Leaders of the coastal region have come out in their true colors now, he commented. Referring to suggestions in some quarters that Hyderabad could be a common capital, he said one could always discuss whether it is practical at all. The other crucial issue of sharing of river waters too could be discussed in an unbiased manner and resolved.

Yaskhi said that Telangana leaders, irrespective of party should embark on a mass contract programme to allay the apprehensions of non Telangana people in the region and clarify whatever doubts they have so that they stay peacefully. At the same time, he wanted Telangana leaders, cutting across party lines, should show the same kind of unity and determination that the leaders of other regions are displaying. Otherwise, the cause for a separate State would be weakened.


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