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Telangana region leaders expresses dissatisfaction at statement made by Chidambaram

December 23, 2009

Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) President K Chandrasekhar, along with few other political leaders from the Telangana region, met at the residence of former Home Minister Jana Reddy and discussed about the statement made by Union Home Minister K Chidambaram this morning. The leaders later spoke with the press.

KCR said that the statement made by Chidambaram again lacked clarity and questioned as to with whom and when the said ‘wide-range consultations’ will be taken up the Union Government. He said that this move is a step towards weakening the cause for the statehood of Telangana. He said that elected representatives from the Telangana region starting from the Gram Panchayat level to Ward Members of Municipal Corporations to MLAs and MPs will submit their resignations tomorrow.

KCR called for a 48-hour bundh in the region to show their dissent. He said that the leaders will assemble and discuss future course of action. He called the youth not to get emotion and not lose their cool and tempers and that the leaders elected by them will do the needful.

The State Government earlier today took a precautionary step and has called for implementation of Section 30 and Section 144 in Telangana region. KCR questioned why Section 144 was not announced when Chiranjeevi and TDP’s bus yatras were held. He demanded the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh withdraw the implementation of the sections and threatened that once all MLAs from the Telangana region submits their resignation, the Government will become a minority.

K Janareddy said a time-bound clear statement was necessary from the Union Government and because no such thing has come, the leaders in the region are calling for a 48-hour strike to show their dissent. He asked the people to show their protest in peace and not to go for destruction of properties. He also asked the State Government not to show partiality or differential treatment in implementation of peace process for various regions of the state. He said that the they have received information of a lathi charge in Osmania University campus and preventive arrests in some regions. Jana Reddy asked the Government not to make the situation more tense and not to make any un-necessary arrests.


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