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TRS postpones 'Maha Garjana' to December 16

December 8, 2010

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi has postponed the 'Maha Garjana' meet to December 16 due to the recent incessant rains. The public meeting is aimed at sending a strong message to the UPA Government at Centre.

Speaking to the media, TRS leader Harish Rao said that the date of December 9 has tremendous importance for Telangana. He said that it was on this day last year that the Government has announced that it is not against formation of a separate Telangana state. Meanwhile, the TRS Activists from the region are working to mobilize people to the Maha Garjana.

Harish Rao said that people are aware of the political events happening in the state and they know which party is honestly fighting for separate telangana. He made it clear that TRS is not against any party who fights for Telangana, but at the same time they should be honest at heart whether they really support Telangana. He also said that it is the right time to hold the 'Maha Garjana' as the Sri Krishna Committee report is due on 31st of this month.

Commenting on the number of ministers from telangana region in the newly formed Kiran Kumar Reddy’s cabinet, he said that the Government cannot stop the Telangana movement by giving key positions in its cabinet to telangana leaders.


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