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JAC extends deadline till February 7

January 28, 2010

The Congress MLAs with great difficulty on Thursday managed to force the remaining partners of the Joint Action Committee of Telangana to defer the deadline for forcing the Assembly Speaker to accept their resignations till February 7. The JAC that met its office in New Delhi MLA quarters, however, announced that it was not suspecting the agitation. After meeting, JAC convenor Prof. Kodandaram said that they are deferring the deadline to February 7 on the request of Congress members who assured us that the proposed committee would be meant for Telanagana only and that it would have time bound programme for creation of a separate State.

The Congress members are understood to have insisted that the deadline be deferred in view of Union Home Minister's statement earlier in the day that a committee would be constituted in the first week of February to resolve the Telanagana tangle. According to sources, Damodar Reddy sought an extension of deadline, there was opposition from TRS, TDP and the BJP who insisted that the MLAs resignation without further delay. But Damodar Reddy argued that in his Delhi tour, he was given the impression that the committee was time bound schedule for formation of Telanagana.

He reportedly pointed out that the Union Home Minister, P Chidambaram made the announcement after he had met Congress president Sonia Gandhi. But, Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi president Manda Krishna Madiga also a member of JAC entered into an argument with Damodar Reddy demanding that all the MLAs abide by JAC's earlier decision to quit the Assembly by Friday. Initially, Chandrasekhara Rao too pressed for resignations but relented when the TDP leader N Janardhana Reddy pointed out that unless the Congress too joined, it was difficult to force a Constitutional crisis. The meeting also discussed the threat handed out by Osmania University JAC which said that it would lay siege to their houses if they went back on the reservation issue.


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