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MIM in wait-and-watch mode on Separate Telanagana episode

January 3, 2010

Before formulating a position, the Majilis Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) intends to adopt a wait and watch policy on the demand for a separate Telanagana State. The party does not appear to be in a tearing hurry to clarify state its stand at the January 5 meeting in New Delhi though MIM Chief and Lok Sabha member Asaduddin Owaisi held confabulations with his MLAs and other senior leaders on the issue.

MIM leaders feel that the Congress is at present engaged in the process of exposing all the other parties without at at the same time, letting its own position known to the people of the State. A senior MIM leader said that while welcoming the meeting, he said that it is only a first step and shall not be the last one. He said that MIM will play cards in such a way that the interests of the community are taken care off. Owaisi is understood to have conveyed to senior Congress leaders that their views should be taken into consideration before any decision is taken since Muslims, as a community, are one of the major stakeholders in the State especially in Telanagana.

There appears to be divergence in the views of even the Muslim community on the Telanagana issue. A section of them seem to entertain genuine concerns over their security in a Telanagana State in the long run. This is based on the following premise:the Congress does not have a strong leadership in the region, TDP could weaken over a period of time and the space thus created, would be occupied by BJP, an anathema to the MIM. In the Muslim community, there are some who do not wholly subscribe to the political theory.


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