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All Party meeting divided on Telangana issue

January 5, 2010

The crucial meeting of eight recognized political parties called by the Centre on January 5 to discuss the Telangana issue ended without any consensus. The meeting however, did not oppose further discussions with a reasonable time frame on the issues that have arisen out of the recent agitations in State for and against the creation of a separate State of Telanagana Union Minister for Home, P Chidambaram speaking to media persons after nearly five and half hours meeting said that it is a good meeting and everybody expressed their views. It was quite clear that the views of the political parties are divided and summed up their views and he will appraise them to the Prime Minister at an appropriate time, he said.

While the stand of TRS which has been spearheading the agitation for a separate State was obvious, the BJP felt there was no need for further discussions and steps should be taken to carve out Telangana. Chidambaram said that it appears that no one is opposed to further consultations with other groups and stakeholders. Should such consultations become necessary, they were keen that it should be concluded with a reasonable time frame.

The representatives of eight political parties said in a signed statement that they had expressed views at the meeting and they have been noted by Central Government. They appealed peace, harmony and law and order should be maintained in the State. Chidambaram said a mechanism had to be evolved and the Centre would act on the sense of the meeting and take it forward. He said that the Union Government will help the State government to find the answer to the issues of the State.


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