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JAC puts TDP out of misery

March 13, 2010

The strained alliance between the Telugu Desam Party and the Telangana Joint Action Committee finally ended on Friday night. At a meeting presided over by its convener Prof. Kodandaram, the JAC decided to expel TDP. The decision of TDP moving out is not much of a surprise. It may be recalled the move towards this was laid last week itself when TDP hinted it will quit JAC if required. Though relations between the two sides have been deteriorating for some time, the arrest of several Telangana activists in Mahaboobnagar in the day coupled with the last week’s attack on the Telangana advocates in the city by TDP activists proved to be the last straw. The JAC took a serious view of the incidents more particularly, the stoic silence of TDP’s Telangana leaders. Advocates in the region have gone on strike for a while. None of them came forward to condemn either of the incidents. Gandhi Nagar Police registered a case against two corporators and few other leaders.

The JAC members alleged that the Telangana activists in Mahaboobnagar were arrested at the behest of TDP president Chandrababu Naidu. The activists were demanding that the TDP president should make his stand clear on the Telangana issue during his visit to the district. Considering the two incidents and in general, the TDP’s attitude towards the Telangana issue, the JAC felt no purpose would be served in having the yellow brigade in its ranks.

In fact, this was waiting to happen. Ever since, the Congress pulled out of JAC, there had been speculation that the TDP too would follow suit. However, it was more a question of who would bell the cat. The TDP’s Telangana leaders were waiting for the JAC to throw them out so that they could blame it from the comfortable environs of outside world while at the same time, asserting their commitment to the cause of Telangana.


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