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Constitutional amendment needed, says KCR

March 17, 2010

The TRS president K Chandrasekhara Rao has reiterated that a either an amendment to the Constitution or modification of the Presidential Order would alone make Hyderabad part of Zone VI. Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday in the wake of Apex Court dismissing the State Government's appeal against Hyderabad remaining a free zone for the purpose of employment, he said that the State Government should take steps for passing a resolution in the Assembly as in its absences an amendment to the Constitution would not be possible.

The State Government should initiate action immediately. Going in for an appeal to the full bench in Supreme Court would not be of any use, he said and expressing dissatisfaction over the way the State Government had handled the issue from the beginning. In October last year itself, the TRS had told the Chief Minister that filing review petition would not be of any use and that a Constitutional amendment had contended that it shrew lawyers were hired, the verdict would be in favor of keeping Hyderabad as part of Zone VI.

When the Apex Court declared that Hyderabad would remain a free zone last year, the State Government while saying that it would go in for an appeal., had promised that until the issue was resolved, it would not go in for recruitment in the police department. Since the apex court had dismissed the review petition, the State should act immediately at it cannot keep on hold recruitment process for ever.

Meanwhile, an all-party meet held to discuss the 'free zone' issue decided that the Assembly pass a unanimous resolution against declaring Hyderabad Free Zone.


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