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Dr. Cheruku Sudhakar's detention extended by an year

December 6, 2011

Telangana Rashtra Samithi polit bureau member Dr. Cheruku Sudhakar will be detained for one more year. The State Government has issued Government order Rt No. 5431 extending his detention by an year. Dr. Sudhakar who is a private medical practitioner was detained last month after Nalgonda district collector issued the detention order under the National Security Act, 1980.

While approving the detention order of the collector, the Government has referred the matter to the advisory board on preventive detentions. The detainee was produced before the advisory board on December 5 for a hearing in the presence of his family members. The board also went through his previous records, grounds of detention, and also heard both the investigating offices and the detainee. The board comprising of retired justice TLN Reddy and two other members felt that there was sufficient cause for detention of Sudhakar under the National Security Act.

Telangana leaders condemn detention

The action of the State Government to extend Sudhakar's detention has triggered protests all across Telangana. TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao, while condemning the action of government has called for rasta rokos all across the region. He also called on the TNGO's to wear black badges in office as a protest.

Former MP of TRS B Vinod Kumar recalled that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has arrested thousands of leaders and activists under a similar act and the people taught her a fitting lesson in the 1977 elections. He said that the Kiran Kumar Reddy's government will also suffer for the consequences and said that it is a making a mockery of the democracy. The decision to detain for one more year will also be challenged in the High Court, he said.

Siddipet MLA T Harish Rao said that the Ministers who promised the release of Sudhakar have broken their promise. He said that the Telangana Ministers and Congress MLAs will be gheraoed wherever they are seen.

The Telangana Telugu Desam Forum leaders said that the detention is undemocratic and is mainly intended to target the pro-Telangana activists.

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