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KK says 9 Lok Sabha MPs and 1 Rajya Sabha MP have resigned

July 4, 2011
New Delhi

Rajya Sabha MP and senior Congress leader K Keshava Rao told the media that 9 Lok Sabha MP's and one Rajya Sabha MP have tendered their resignations today to pressurize the Government on the separate statehood of Telangana.

Speaking to the media in New Delhi, Keshava Rao said that they have submitted their resignations because of the helpless situation they are in since the Central Government hasn't kept their promise on the separate state of Telangana. Reacting to Home Minister P Chidambaram's speech, KK said that there is nothing new in his speech. He also said that the all party meeting on Telangana issue should not be stopped because of a single political party not attending the discussion. He said that they have won with huge majorities in the Telangana regions and the Telangana issue was added to the UPA manifesto in the following elections.

Another MP, Manda Jagannatham said that the Government should stand by its December 9 statement. He also termed the comments of Ghulam Nabi Azad that the opinion from all the three regions in the state is to be considered as absurd. MP Rajayya said that the Government should either approve of their resignations or allow for the separate statehood of Telangana.

Sarvey Satyanarayana defends his decision not to resign

MP Sarvey Satyanarayana who is not among the Telangana Congress MP's who have tendered their resignation today spoke to the media in Hyderabad. Satyanarayana said that the resignations today were an act of haste. He questioned how a separate Telangana state can be formed if the MPs submitted their resignations. Satyanarayana said that AICC President Sonia Gandhi never showed any dissent on the idea of a separate Telangana statehood.

List of Telangana Congress MPs who have not resigned

Three Lok Sabha MPs and Three Rajya Sabha MPs belonging to the Congress party have not tendered their resignations today. It is known that 9 MPs from Lok Sabha and one from Rajya Sabha have submitted their resignations in the morning today.Union Minister Jaipal Reddy, Sarvey Satyanarayana, Anjan Kumar Yadav from Lok Sabha and V Hanumantha Rao, Sanjeeva Reddy and Nandi Yellayya from Rajya Sabha have not tendered their resignations.


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