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TDP Telangana MLAs tenders resignation

July 4, 2011

The Telugu Desam Party Telangana MLA's have tendering their resignations today. The 33 TDP MLAs submitted their resignation letters to Deputy Speaker Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka. Revanth Reddy, Sandra Venkata Veerayya, L Ramana and Erra Sekhar have faxed their resignation letters.

Earlier, the MLAs met at the premises of the assembly to discuss their future course of action. The meeting is primarily to discuss their resignation. After the meeting, the TDP Telangana MLA's will pay tributes to the telangana martyr's and will tender their resignations at 11am. The MLAs will submit their resignations in a prescribed format containing just a single line.

MLA Mothkupalli Narasimhulu told the media that the TDP MLAs of the Telangana region are all ready to tender their resignations to mount pressure on the Centre to approve the separate Telangana state. Speaking to the media in the assembly premises, he called on Telangana MLAs from all political parties to submit their resignations. He said that people will get to know the real intentions of the political parties today and said that they will understand on which political party is really committed to the cause of Telangana state.

Meanwhile, the Congress Telangana Ministers and MLAs will also tender their resignations today.

TDP MPs to resign

The Telugu Desam Party Telangana MPs have requested for an appointment to Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar to tender their resignations. Speaking to the media, TDP MP Nama Nageshwar Rao said that depending on the appointment given to them, they will leave to New Delhi to tender their resignations.


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