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Harish Rao says no-confidence motion a drama

June 4, 2011

TRS Siddipet MLA T Harish Rao alleged that Congress and Telugu Desam Party are cheating people in the name of no-confidence motion. Speaking to media in Siddipet, Harish Rao said that while TDP is claiming that they have enough strength to defeat the Government in a no-confidence motion, Kiran Kumar on the other hand is saying that there is no threat to the survival of the Government.

Harish Rao alleged that a deal exists between the Government and the opposition parties and are cheating the Telangana people by creating a diversion from the Telangana movement. Congress is trying to curb the Telangana movement and Telugu Desam Party is helping the Congress government stay in power, he said. Harish Rao also took a strong exception at Seemandhra leaders taking the primary posts like the Chief Minister, Speaker and Legislative Council Chairman, while they have given the deputy positions to leaders from Telangana regions. However, he said that the Telangana leaders are not aspiring for positions, rather they want a separate Telangana state.

Harish Rao questioned the TDP President Chandrababu Naidu who has claimed to change his attitude, for nominating candidates from Andhra regions for Speaker and Deputy Speaker positions. He criticized that the Government is spending all the funds allocated towards drinking water by the Central Government to Andhra regions. Chandrababu Naidu also remained silent on this issue, he said.


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