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'Million march' today

March 10, 2011

The much awaited 'Million march' rally began today and turned violent within a few minutes. The police arrested telangana leaders from TRS, TDP and BJP parties. Students taking part in the rally at OU campus were tear-gassed and a clash broke down between the police and students.

The purpose of the 'Million march' rally towards Tank Bund is to pressurize the Government to table the Telangana bill in the Parliament. Though, the police have already said that they didn't give any permission to hold million march rally, the TRS leaders on the other hand says that they don't need any permission since it will be a peaceful rally. Police have already made arrangements to handle any untoward situations in the Million march rally today. They have deployed heavy police forces at sensitive areas including the secretariat. APSRTC have rerouted some of their buses and the South Central railway have canceled most of their MMTC services today.

TRS Activists arrested

TRS leader Nayani Narasimha Reddy is taken into custody at his residence in Hyderabad today. It is learnt that the police arrested him as a precautionary measure on the account of 'Million march' rally. In Nalgonda, police arrested nearly 500 Telangana activists. Telangana Praja Front President Gaddar demanded the police to release those leaders arrested before evening. Heavy police force have been deployed on NH 9. Some of the Telangana lawyers were also arrested. Few Telangana activists were also arrested at the Tank Bund.

TRS leader Etela Rajender has made it clear that the 'Million march' rally will go ahead as scheduled despite any interruptions or threats from the police. He said that it is unfortunate that the police arrested few of their leaders in order to curb their peaceful rally. Rajendar also warned the Government that such actions would lead to the fall of the Government in the state.

Million march begins at OU Arts College

The students began their 'Million march' rally from the OU Arts college. The students began their rally to the Tank Bund raising pro-Telangana slogans. Meanwhile, heavy police forces were deployed till tank bund. The students split into two groups. Violence broke down at the AU campus when the police stopped students at the SCC gate. Students hurled stones at the police and the police used tear gas on them. The OU main gate was destroyed in the incident.

Telangana leaders arrested

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) MLA's and MLCs who are on their way to the 'Million march' were stopped by the police at the Control Room. The TRS leaders tried to run away from the police and were taken into custody by the police. They raised slogans against the Chief Minister.

Police arrested T Harish Rao and eight other TRS MLAs and MLCs. BJP leader Vidyasagar Rao, TDP leader Erraballi Dayakar Rao were arrested in Basheerbagh. Barricades were put in place at tank bund. Several people were injured in the clash between TDP leaders and police at various places.

JAC convener Prof. M Kodandaram is arrested at the Telangana JAC office. Speaking to the media, Kodandaram said that the Telangana movement cannot be stopped by illegal arrests. He condemned the arrests of Telangana leaders by police when they are trying to hold a peaceful protest.

Activists hurls chappals against KK and Madhu Yaskhi

The Telangana activists hurled chappals against Congress senior leader K Keshava Rao. Keshava Rao who came to participate in the 'Million march' rally had to run away disappointed. His vehicle was destroyed. Congress MP Madhu Yaskhi Goud also faced a similar incident when the activists raised slogans demanding him to tender his resignation.

KCR takes part in Million march

Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) President reached Tank Bund at around noon. Earlier reports have said that he will not be present at the Million march but contrary to the reports, he made an entry much to the surprise of one and all.

CPI MLA Sambasiva Rao blames Police for traffic problems

CPI MLA Sambasiva Rao blamed the police for creating traffic problems in the twin cities. Speaking to the media, Sambasiva Rao said that people are facing traffic problems at various parts of the city only because of the heavy deployment of police forces.

He alleged that the power to control the state is with the military and police rather than in the hands of Ministers. He warned that if the Telangana problem is not resolved, it will expand to the entire nation.

Minister Jana Reddy said the duty to people's lives and from any property damage lies with the Government. He said that the Government doesn't mind as long as the protests go peacefully. Speaking to the media in the CLP office, he urged both the Telangana activists and the police to remain restraint for a peaceful 'Million march' rally.

Central intelligence reports have pointed of naxals possibly present amidst telanagana supporters in the Million march. The reports say that the naxals might have prompted the activists to attack the media and public representatives. Meanwhile, Union Minister Purandeswari termed the attack on public representatives as an unfortunate incident. She condemned the destroying of statues on tank bund.


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