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Deputy speaker reviews security arrangements

March 8, 2011

Deputy speaker Nadendla Manohar Reddy has reviewed the security arrangements at the Secretariat today on the account of 'Million march' rally on March 10th. DGP Aravinda Rao, Hyderabad city police commissioner AK Khan and other senior officials met today with Manohar Reddy. Aravinda Rao clarified that they have not received any request for the 'Million march' protest.

AK Khan said that they have being only intimated about the 'Million march' rally and that there was no formal request to hold the rally. He said that there are some unconstitutional elements in the proposed rally and that is the reason why it is not being allowed. He said that as long as the rally goes peacefully without causing any troubles, they don't have any problem. He said that the police will take the necessary precautions to make sure the public doesn't suffer because of the rally. Additional security forces will be deployed on March 10th, he said.

However, Telangana JAC convener M Kodandaram insisted that the proposed 'Million march' rally will be peaceful.


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