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TDP Telangana Forum calls for boycott Banswada byelections

September 8, 2011

The Telugu Desam Telangana Forum has called for a boycott of the by-elections of the Banswada constituency in Nizamabad. The Banswada MLA seat has been vacant since the resignation of the then TDP leader Pocharam Srinivas Reddy in March. Srinivas Reddy has also quit the Telugu Desam Party to fight for the self-respect of the people of Telangana.

The call to boycott the polls gained prominence, with the ruling Congress party making serious deliberations on whom to field as their candidate for the by-election. The TDP Telangana forum also urged Pocharam Srinivas Reddy to stay away from the by-elections and to boycott all by-elections for the constituency till the Telangana state is formed. The forum opined that such a move by Pocharam would make serious positive impact towards the cause of Telangana statehood.

Speaking to the reporters after the meeting, Forum convenor Errabelli Dayakar Rao said that nothing could be achieved by holding byelections. He said that if all the Telangana MLAs resign and decide not to contest the byelections till Telangana Assembly is formed, that would seriously help the Telangana movement. He said that the TDP is clear in their thought and their resignations are made only to create a political and constitutional crisis and not for byelections.


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