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Central Government announces all-party meet on Telangana issue

December 5, 2012
New Delhi

The announcement of the Central Government to convene an all-party meet on the separate Telangana Statehood came as a temporary relief for the Congress MLAs and MPs from the Telangana region. The meet was scheduled to be held on December 28 at New Delhi.

The MPs and MLAs from Telangana had gone to the extent of putting a dead line for the Congress party of the extreme actions that includes quitting from the party if the Centre fails to give clarity on the issue before December 9, 2012. The announcement has a sigh of relief for them and they are hopeful that with the Centre reportedly saying that only one representative should attend the meeting from each party, there will be some positive outcome.

Gade Venkata Reddy wants it to invite two representatives

Speaking to media on Wednesday, the former minister Gade Venkata Reddy saying that it is good development wants the Centre to stick to its earlier stand of inviting two representatives from each party. He said that the meeting will go a long way in finding a solution to the issue.

Ministers Jana Reddy and TG Venkatesh hails the decision

The Minister for Panchayat Raj K Jana Reddy and Minister for Minor Irrigation TG Venkatesh hailed the decision of the party high command. Jana Reddy thanked the party leadership on behalf of the State Government for the decision sand that his would not have been possible but with the pressures brought in by the MPs from the Telangana Region. TG Venkatesh speaking to media complimented the party high command in taking a decision and demanded that the consultations should also be held with the Seemandhra leaders.

CPI suspects Congress Party intentions

The CPI State secretary K Narayana said that the move was part of the Congress strategy to pacify the Telangana MPs to participate in voting on the crucial FDI issue and pull the UPA Government out of trouble. He demanded that the Congress party to clarify its stand before the all party meeting. He said that the meeting would serve no purposes without announcing its stand on the issue.

TRS Chief to attend the meet

The TRS party president K Chandrasekhar Rao will attend the meet though the party says that it will emerge nothing out of the meeting. TRS MLA KT Rama Rao asked the Centre to ensure that the party presidents took part and conveyed an unambiguous stand on the issue. He said that similar meetings were held previously and nothing came out of it and it would be no exception this time. Yet, the TRS would attend the meeting as it wanted to explore every opportunity for the formation of the State, he said. He said that there was no need for the meet as the BJP was prepared to vote in favour of the bill in Parliament.

TDP to act cautiously

The TDP Politburo member Yanamala Ramakrishnudu said on Wednesday that the party is not opposed to the meet as the party chief has already asked for the same in his letter to the Government. He said that the party would convene a meeting of all the leaders from the three regions to discuss the issue after which it would take a stand on the course to be adopted at the meeting.


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