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TRS sweeps by-elections

March 21, 2012

Telangana Rashtra Samithi has swept the by-elections winning four of the five assembly constituencies it has contested in. The TRS party won the by-polls in Station Ghanpur, Kollapur, Adilabad and Kamareddy constituencies. The Congress party and Telugu Desam Party failed to win any of the seven assembly constituencies. BJP which contested in Mahahbubnagar won, while the Kovur constituency in Nellore was won by the YSR Congress Party.

The counting of votes polled in the seven assembly constituency by-elections began at 8am. 350 police personnel were deployed at each of the seven counting centres. 150 election officials have administered the counting and tabulation of votes. The counting was completed in 15 to 20 rounds as per the Chief Electoral Office Bhanwar Lal.

The by-election was held on March 18, 2012.


ConstituencyWon byTotal electorateVotes PolledTRSCongressTDPCPI(M)BJPNagamOthersMargin
5.NagarkurnoolNagam Janardhan Reddy1,91,4841,40,554-43,67618,608--71,0017,18327,325
6.Station GhanpurTRS2,21,4991,69,90881,27928,96548,6414,788--6,23432,638

Counting was held for 18 rounds in Mahabubnagar, 17 rounds in Nagarkurnool, 17 rounds in Kollapur, 15 rounds in Adilabad, 16 rounds in Kamareddy, 20 rounds in Station Ghanpur. Five counting centres were used to count the votes for all the seven assembly constituencies. Counting of votes for Mahabubnagar, Kollapur and Nagarkurnool constituencies is being held in Mahabubnagar.


TRS candidate Jogu Ramanna defeated his nearest Congress rival C Ramachandra Reddy by a margin of 31,396 votes.


TRS candidate Gampa Govardhan won the Kamareddy by-election by a margin of 44,465 votes. Congress is in second place and TDP in third place. Congress saves while TDP candidate lost his deposit.

Station Ghanpur

TRS candidate T Rajaiah defeated his nearest TDP rival Kadiam Srihari by a margin of 32,765 votes to win the Station Ghanpur constituency. TDP is in second place and Congress came in third. Congress candidate lost his deposit. 9 postal ballots were found to be invalid.


Independent candidate Nagam Janardhan Reddy won by 27,395 votes. Congress came in second place and TDP in third. Nagam Janardhan Reddy lead after the postal ballot counting.
Earlier, the election officials broke open a voting box as the key to it was lost.


TRS candidate and former minister Jupally Krishna Rao won the Kollapur by-poll by a margin of 15,013 votes. Jupally got a lead of 36 votes after postal ballot voting earlier.


BJP candidate Yennam Srinivas Reddy won the Mahabubnagar by-poll by a slim margin of 1,897 votes against his nearest TRS rival Syed Ibrahim.
TRS leads by 1703 votes after tenth round.
TRS leads by 156 votes after ninth round.
TRS leads by 497 votes after eighth round. BJP in second place, Congress in third and TDP in fourth.
Congress leads by 963 votes after sixth round.
Congress leads by 1746 votes after fifth round. BJP is in Second place, TDP in third and TRS in fourth
Congress leads by 1378 votes after third round. TDP in second place, BJP in third place, TRS slipped to fourth place.
Congress leads by 105 votes after the first round.

All the candidates expressed confidence on their victory. Nagam Janardhan Reddy and Syed Ibrahim said that their victory is guaranteed and the margin of victory remains to be seen.


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