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Tank Bund-Necklace Road for Telangana March, says Prof. Kodandaram

September 25, 2012

The Telangana Joint Action Committee chairman Prof. M Kodandaram said that the committee has chosen Tank bund - Necklace Road for the Telangana March on September 30, 2012.

Appealing the government again, he said that the Telangana March would be very peaceful in nature and asked the Government not to create any hurdles. The slogan for the march is "Chetiko Janda, Intiko Manishi".

Meets Home Minister

The leaders met Home Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy on Tuesday and requested her to permit the march which was reciprocated by her to postpone the same was turned down by the leaders.

COP-11 would be blocked

The former Telangana NGO leader Swamy Goud said if the Government creates any hurdles for the march, he said that they would not hesitate to block the International Biodiversity Meet and added that if any violence bursts, the Government has to shoulder the responsibility, he added.

No permission for the march says CP

The Hyderabad City Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma said that they have not given any permission for the Telangana March. On the security arrangements, he said that if the march goes ahead as proposed, it would be extremely critical as it would create problems for those coming for immersion of Lord Ganesh. He said necessary police force have been deployed for security arrangements.


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