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Ministers from Telangana region to support Telangana March

September 27, 2012

The ministers from Telangana Region from the Cabinet of Kiran Kumar Reddy met on Thursday morning and decided to seek permission for the Telangana March thereby giving support to it. The meeting was attended by eight MPs from the Telangana region. They decided to call on the Chief Minister immediately after his return from Krishna district where he is in "Indiramma Baata' programme.

It may be recalled that the Chief Minister has appealed the Telanagana JAC to postpone the proposed march in view of Ganesh immersion and COP-11 and is in pressure from the Central Government to see that the prestige of the nation to be kept at any cost.

The Minister for Panchayat Raj K Jana Reddy, speaking after the meet, said that the Telangana March will be held as scheduled keeping in line with the aspirations of the people of Telananga. The police have already stated that no permission was accorded to the March. The TJAC stated very clearly that it will conduct the march as schedule at any cost even by violating the prohibitory orders.

Mixed response

Meanwhile, Congress leaders from Telangana region have expressed different views on the March. While some of them said they support it, others said the event should not lead to violence as immersion of Ganesh idols would take place on September 29 and 30. It would be followed by international biodiversity convention from October 1.

TRS supports

As there are no indications from the Congress high command on the Telangana issue, the TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao has announced the party's support for the march. He appealed the state government to accord permission for the March.


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