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Telangana Demonstration to continue throughout the night

September 30, 2012

Telangana JAC chairman Prof. M Kodandaram has given a call to stage a peaceful demonstration on the Necklace road through the night. Addressing a huge gathering at the venue, Kodandaram said that they will stage a peaceful protest all through the night.

Kodandaram demanded the Telangana ministers to tender resignations in a bid to get a favorable announcement on the Telangana state. He also demanded the government to reveal their stand on the Telangana issue immediately. Expressing disappointment at the lack of continuous progress on the Telangana issue, he demanded the police to stop using force on their peaceful demonstration. He said that the government resorted to tactics like using police force and arresting the Telangana activists. He demanded the immediate release of those arrested during the Telangana March.

While apologizing for the damage caused to media vehicles, Kodandaram said that the activists who stay through the night will be provided with water and food wherever possible. At no point of them, the activists should get provoked to stage violence, he urged.


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