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TRS plans to stall Rayala-Telangana move

December 1, 2013

TRS and TJAC are preparing themselves with a strategy to stall the move by the Centre on Rayala-Telangana as the GoM prepares to submit its report to the Union Cabinet.

TRS leaders perceive that the move was aimed at solving the capital city problem for the residuary Andhra Pradesh as Kurnool would not be in contention if it was merge with Telangana along with Anantapur. The Coastal Andhra leaders were strongly opposed to idea of their capital in another region as had happened when Andhra was separated from erstwhile composite Madras State. The TRS leaders are busy in getting in touch with the national leadership of the BJP and other parties with a plea to nip the idea in the bud.

TRS sources said that they would be left with no option but to take it to the streets again for Telangana, if the Centre fails to heed to their requests. A delegation of TJAC led by its chairman Prof.Kodandaram left for Delhi on Sunday on a mission to meet leaderships of all parties that supported Telangana in the past and to oppose the Centre's move on Rayala-Telangana.


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