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TRS suspects delay tactics of Congress, YSRCP and TDP

December 12, 2013

In an effort to delay the debate on the draft Bill in the Assembly, the Congress, YSRCP and TDP MLAs from Seemandhra region are planning to object the functioning of the Assembly, claims TRS.

TRS MLA KT Rama Rao speaking to media said that 'their ploy is not to allow proper functioning of the House so that the draft Bill is not discussed and later, seek more time from the President to debate the Bill as part of their strategy to delay the process of formation of Telangana as long as them can', he said. He said that demanding for adoption of a resolution in support of unified Andhra Pradesh is part of the tactics played by them and added that nobody can stop the Assembly if it discusses the Bill in six days instead of six weeks' time given by the President', he said. KTR said that this is evident from their move in spite of their leadership's support for statehood at one point of time as they did not allow the House to adopt a resolution in favour of Telangana for four years as demanded by TRS and added it is their turn now for placing a similar demand, he said.


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