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Union Cabinet approves Telangana with 10 districts

December 5, 2013
New Delhi

Putting an end to the many long years fight for a separate State, the Union Government on Thursday night after a five hours meeting approved a bill for creation of Telangana with 10 districts as demanded bifurcating the existing Andhra Pradesh as the 29th State.

The Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde speaking to media after the meeting announced this. The Cabinet has accepted most of the recommendations made by the GoM that was appointed by the Union Cabinet for the said purpose. Shinde said that the bill will go to President on Friday or Saturday with a request to make a reference to the Andhra Pradesh Assembly for its views. The President will have the discretion to choose the timing of referring the bill to the Assembly and the time-limit for it. The reference from the president is crucial as the government is racing against time to pave the way for Telangana. 'We want the Bill to be tabled in the winter session. However, it depended when the President returned the Bill', he said.

Highlights of Telangana Bill


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