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'Election results will not have any impact on the process of bifurcation', says TRS

December 9, 2013

Dismissing the rumours that the Congress central leadership will rethink on the formation of Telangana State in the wake of disturbing results in the four States, TRS MLA KT Rama Rao said that the party is of the view that the results in fact hasten the process further as it would pressure on the Congress leadership to prove its commitment for creation of State. He said that if Seemandhra leaders feel the results will put a halt to the process, it is their wishful thinking', said KTR. He said that the party would not accept any conditions an limitations on key issues like education, employment and status of Hyderabad during the formation of separate Telangana State. He added that the TRS president would be writing a letter to the Prime Minister on Tuesday highlighting the shortcomings in the draft Bill that were against the spirit of the Constitution.

Speaking at a round table organized by the Telangana Journalists Forum on Monday in Hyderabad sharing along with BJP MLA N Janardhan Reddy, Congress MLC K Yadav Reddy and TJAC chairman Kodandaram expressed concern that the Bill if allowed would give 'legitimacy and legal sanctity' to the injustice done to the region ever since its merger with Andhra Pradesh.

Janardhan Reddy said that the provisions like continuing status quo in education and employment for ten years an constitution of boars on river water management would deny youth opportunities for which they have fought for all these years and added that these were unwarranted. He said that he will take these to the notice of Opposition leader in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj and other senior leader.

Prof.Kodandaram said that the process had reached its climax and the people should continue to be vigilant preventing scope for deviations. 'We need to move cautiously an strategically from now on to reach our goal of creating a Telangana without pre-conditions, he said.


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