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Chiranjeevi to abide by Sonia's decision on Telangana

January 1, 2013

Housing Minister N Uttam Kumar Reddy on Tuesday blasted a party MLA from the district without naming him for indulging a criticism of Union Minister of State for Tourism K Chiranjeevi and himself branding them as Telangana traitors.

In a public meeting that was attended by three Union Ministers - K Chiranjeevi, S Satyanarayana and Balram Naik, their first visit to the district after being made as Union Ministers accused the MLA to useless talk. Uttam Kumar Reddy denied that he is against Telangana, saying that he is committed to the cause and had spoken to AICC president Sonia Gandhi and P Chidambaram on the demand.

Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi speaking at the meeting said that he would abide by any decision on the Telangana statehood issue taken by the AICC president Sonia Gandhi.


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