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Deputy CM confident on formation of Telangana state

January 20, 2013

Deputy Chief Minister C Damodar Rajanarasimha has expressed his confidence that the Centre would grant the Telangana statehood by the deadline of January 28. Speaking to media in Hyderabad, Rajanarasimha said that they he is worried about future plans if the statehood is not accorded as there is no reason to believe that the Telangana state will not be formed.

The Telangana party leaders need not take up visits to Delhi before the deadline as the party central leadership knows all the facts is keen on resolving the issue. He said that Rahul Gandhi would campaign for the Congress party in both the Andhra and Telangana states for the 2014 elections and that the party would do well in both the regions.

Responding to a question about the merger of TRS, he said it is up to the TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao to decide whether to merge his party with the Congress. The Telangana Rashtra Samithi welcomed the comments Rajanarasimha and suggested him to take lead in realising the demands.

No referendum required on status of Hyderabad

Reacting to the demands of labour minister Danam Nagender and Mukesh Goud, Rajanarasimha said that a referendum on the status of Hyderabad is not required as it is an integral part of Telangana. He said that Hyderabad would continue to serve as the capital city of Telangana once the separate state is formed. TRS politburo member B Vinod Kumar asked Nagender and Mukesh Goud to go ahead with the process of referendum.


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