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Telangana Ministers and MPs differ on resignations

January 28, 2013

The Congress Ministers from Telangana have expressed confidence on the Centre that it would grant a separate Telangana state soon. Addressing a media conference, K Jana Reddy said they would resign at an appropriate time and would continue to keep pressure on the Centre to persuade them in granting the Telangana statehood.

Earlier in the day, Jana Reddy met Governor ESL Narasimhan at Raj Bhavan which led to the speculation of en masse resignations of the ministers. After his meeting, Jana Reddy drove to the Secretariat and held discussions with the other ministers for over an hour. Jana Reddy along with ministers P Sabitha Indra Reddy, P Sudarshan Reddy, Basavaraju Saraiah, V Sunitha Laxma Reddy, D Sridhar Babu, DK Aruna and G Prasad Kumar later addressed the media. Jana Reddy said that the other ministers from Telangana including Deputy Chief Minister Damodar Rajanarasimha were also present in the meeting but could not make the media conference due to personal reasons.

Jana Reddy reiterated that the Telangana state could be achieved only through the Congress party and none else. The Ministers urged their Andhra counterparts to cooperate with them in the formation of Telangana state. The media conference concluded when some outsiders raised the 'Jai Telangana' slogans.

MPs to resign

On the other hand, the Telangana Congress MPs have decide to tender their resignations protesting the Centre's flipflop on taking a decision to resolve the Telangana issue. The MPs held discussions for over six hours and finally decided to send their resignation letters to AICC president Sonia Gandhi demanding her to announce the Telangana state immediately. The letters would later be faxed to Speaker Meira Kumar if the Centre still doesn't accord the Telangana state.


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