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Stage set for Telangana Sadhana Sabha by Telangana Congress leaders

June 29, 2013

The stage has set for the Telangana Sadhana Sabha on Sunday at the Nizam College grounds where it wants to send a message that all the Congress leaders from Telangana region are one to achieve for the cause of separate Telangana State.

The meeting will be presided by the Minster for Panchayat Raj K Jana Reddy. The Deputy Chief Minister C Damodar Raj Narasimha tells the party leaders that the meeting be treated as a 'do-or-die' battle in achieving the goal. Nearly 12 leaders are expected to address the meeting and after which a resolution will be adopted urging the Congress high command to heed the demand of the people of the region by creating a separate Statehood.

The dais will be adorned with the portraits of the Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Vice-president Rahul Gandhi, AICC general secretaries Ghulam Nabi Azad and Digvijay Singh. Congress leaders are mobilizing people to drive home the point that the Telangana people are with the Congress and this will make them to campaign freely in the region during the ensuring panchayat elections.

Minister for Information and Technology Minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah said that this is the final battle for the cause and hoped that the Congress high command will accede the people's demand. Speaking to press at Warangal on Saturday, he said that even before the birth of a political party for separate state, 'we made a move in 1991 and had gone to Delhi to submit a memorandum to the party high command with the signatu5es fo 41 MLAs in which Mine is the first signature on the memorandum' he said.


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