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"It's time now to concentrate on development", says Sonia Gandhi

April 16, 2014

Addressing a public meeting in Karimnagar on Wednesday, AICC president Sonia Gandhi said that the struggle for Telangana State had been done with and it is time now to concentrate on development of Telangana region. The development of the region could only be done by Congress party, she asserted.

She lashed out at the TRS party saying that it is confined only to target others and had no experience in administration. She advised people to live in harmony with neighbouring Seemandhra people. 'Cast your vote for Congress to develop Telangana golden Telangana' and your votes will decide your future, said Sonia Gandhi.

Addressing the huge gathering at the Ambedkar stadium, Sonia Gandhi said 'you did a long battle for creation of new State. Your long term efforts have been reaped and with June 2, your will be having the 29th State in the country'. She saluted the farmers, students, women, youth, government employees, media and press persons who sacrificed their lives for the cause of Telangana. Sonia said that Congress heard the feelings and sentiments of Telangana people and has honoured them. The people of both Telangana and Andhra regions are very close to her heart and the promises made to Seemandhra will be honoured, said the AICC president.

Claiming entire credit for the creation of Telangana State, Sonia Gandhi said that Telangana State is only possible with Congress and there is no second thought in it. ?We prepared the bill and got it approved in Parliament. TRS has no role in the entire process. She said that the issue had come before the party way back in 2000 and then decided to this effect. We honoured the feelings of the four crore people and that prompted us to create separate Telangana State with the sole objective of social justice?, said Sonia Gandhi. She cautioned the people not to keep in your future in the hands of some of the parties that wanted to come to power in the name caste, creed and there is every threat with it, she said.

Sonia Gandhi assured that several developmental programmes will be taken up by Congress and some of them are installation of 4,000 mw power plant. Subsidies to farmers and many more.


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