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2014 Telangana Election Results - Updates

May 16, 2014

Telangana Rashtra Samithi is all set to form the first ever Government in Telangana. With few seats yet to be decided, the party has secured the required half way majority to form the Government. Congress party which failed to reach out people for credit of formation of Telangana state has managed to win just 16 seats. Telugu Desam Party and Bharatiya Janata Party has won 16 seats and are competing for the second place in Telangana.

PartyAssemblyLok Sabha
Telangana Rashtra Samithi063011
TDP + BJP02002

Live Updates

TRS attains the majority required to form the first ever government in Telangana. The party is leading in 60 Assembly constituencies and is leading in three others. The party also won 9 Lok Sabha constituencies and is leading in one other. 6:45 pm

TRS candidate Rasamai Balakishna wins from Manakondur Assembly. 2:30 pm

Somarapu Satyanarayan wins from Ramagundam. 2:30 pm

TRS candidate and sitting MLA T Harish Rao wins by 93,334 votes against Congress rival Kanuri Srinivas Goud from Siddipet Assembly constituency in Medak. 2:25 pm

TRS candidate Saitsh wins from Husnabad Assembly. 2:20 pm

Kavitha leads by 1,21,000 votes from Nizamabad lok sabha. 2:02 pm

TRS candidate Jalagam Venkat Rao wins from Kothagudem Assembly. 2:01 pm

TRS candidate Prabhakar Reddy wins from Munugodu by margin of over 29,000 votes. 2:00 pm

Yadagiri Reddy wins from Jangaon Assembly 2:00 pm

TRS chief KCR wins from Gajwel Assembly. 1:50 pm

BJP candidate Lakshman wins. 1:33 pm

TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao leads by over 4 lakh votes from Medak Lok Sabha. 1:29 pm

Congress candidate from Miryalguda wins. 1:26 pm

Former minister J Geeta Reddy lost by 1700 votes to TRS rival Manick Rao. 1:25 pm

TRS candidate Padma Devender Reddy wins by 39,970 votes. 1:15 pm

TRS candidate Shakeel Ahmed wins from Bodhan Assembly. 1:13 pm

TRS candidate Chinta Prabhakar wins by 18,913 votes. 1:12 pm

Congress candidate Jagga Reddy loses from Sangareddy. 1:11 pm

Former Minister D Sridhar Babu trailing, likely to lose in Manthani Assembly. 1:05 pm

Putta Madhu leads by 16,800 votes. 1:05 pm

Former Minister Danam Nagender trailing. 1:06 pm

TRS candidate from Andole Babu Mohan wins by over 3500 majority over Damodar Rajanarasimha. 1:00 pm

Congress candidate Uttam Padma wins from Kodad Assembly. 12:55 pm

TRS candidate defeats TPCC chief Ponnala Lakshmaiah at Jangoan Assembly constituency. 12:55 pm

Narsapur candiate TRS Madan Reddy wins. 12:54 pm

TRS candidate Chennamaneni Ramesh wins from Vemulavada Assembly constituency. 12:51 pm

TRS leader T Harish Rao expresses confidence on victory of TRS. He thanks the people of Telangana, supporters and party workers of TRS 12:49 pm

TRS Medak candidate Padma Devender Reddy wins. 12:46 pm

Bhupalapally TRS candidate Madhusudhanachary wins. 12:44 pm

Former PCC president D Srinivas loses. 12:41 pm

TRS candidate Bajireddy Govardhan wins from Nizamabad Rural. 12:41 pm

TRS candidate Solipeta Ramalinga Reddy wins from Dubbak Assembly. 12:38 pm

TRS leads by 2000 votes in Kothagudem. 12:29 pm

TRS wins in 8 constituencies in Warangal 12:29 pm

TRS candidate Vinod leads by 70,000 votes in Karimnagar Lok Sabha 12:29 pm

TRS candidate Balka Suman leads 12:29 pm

Congress candidate Bhaskar Rao wins in Miryalguda Assembly 12:25 pm

Pocharam Srinivas Reddy leading by 4132 votes in Banswada. 12:23 pm

KCR leads by 1,76,000 in Medak Lok Sabha. 12:23 pm

TRS candidate A Ravinder Reddy leading by 15,000 12:23 pm

Babu Mohan likely to win from Andole Assembly. 12:20 pm

Former Deputy Chief Minister Damodar Raja Narasimha likely to lose. 12:19 pm

Medak TRS candidate Padma Devender Reddy wins. 12:11 pm

TRS candidate Babu Mohan leads by over 3,100 votes. 12:11 pm

TRS candidate Surekha wins. 12:11 pm

Congress leader Vijayshanti loses in Medak Assembly. 11:51 am

Gongidi Sunitha (TRS) wins in Alair Assembly Constituency. 11:48 am

TRS candidate K Taraka Rama Rao wins Sircilla Assembly constituency by 40,000 votes. 11:42 am

First result in Telangana was delivered at Bhongir Assembly constituency. TRS candidate Pailla Shekar Reddy. 11:42 am

Jagga Reddy and Sunitha Laxma Reddy of Congress still trailing. Likely to lose. Jitender Reddy of TRS leading in Mahbubnagar Lok Sabha. KCR leads by 1,24,000 in Medak Lok Sabha. KTR leading by 39,000 votes in Sircilla. Gutha Sukhender Reddy leading by 12,00 votes. Etala Rejander leading by 30,000 in Huzurabad. 11:38 am

KCR leads by 15,497 votes in Gajwel Assembly. Peddi Sudarshan Reddy leads by 166 votes. M Sahodar Reddy leads by 1100 votes. Vinay Bhaskar leading by 6000 votes. Konda Surekha leading by 10,000 votes. 11:17 am

KCR leads by 1,20,000 votes in Medak Lok Sabha. Madan REddy leads by 10,686 votes. Jagga Reddy of Congres is trailing. Vijayasanti of Congress trailing. 11:16 am

Former minister Sunitha Laxma Reddy, TPCC chief Ponnala Lakshmaiah likely to lose. 11:13 am

KCR leads by 12,726 votes in Gajwel. Kadiam Srihari leads by 1 lakh votes after 10th round. Narsaiah goud of TRS leads. K Jana Reddy leads by 3000 votes. 11:07 am

T Rajaiah leads by 35,000 votes in Station Ghanpur. Sanjiv Rao of TRS leads by 500 in Vikarabad. B Lakshman of BJP leads. Kishan Reddy leads. BB Patil leads. G Nagesh leads in Cantonment. K Sivakumar Reddy leads by 741 votes. Jagannatham leads by 18,000 votes. Kadiam Sri HAri, Krishna Mohan Reddy leads. B NAgesh leads by over 40,000 votes. 11:06 am

K Chandrasekhar Rao leads by 12,726 votes in Gajwel. K Kavitha leads by 32,170 votes in Nizamabad lok sabha. 11:03 am

KCR leads by 87,726 votes in Medak Lok Sabha. Gongidi Sunitha leads by 11,000 votes in Alair. M Yadagiri Reddy leads by 20,000 votes in Jangaon. T RAjaiah leads by 3000 votes. 10:59 am

TRS party workers celebrating at party headquaters in Telangana Bhavan. TRS on course to form Government in Telangana. 10:42 am

TRS leads in Pedapalli Assembly constituency. Kavitha of TRS leads in Nizamabad parliamentary seat. Jitender Reddy leads in Mahbubnagar Lok Sabha. TRS continues its lead in Ramagundam Assembly. TRS leading in six Assembly seats in Nalgonda. KCR leads by over 65,000 votes in Medak Lok Sabha. 10:41 am

TRS leads in Ramagundam, Karimnagar. Kavitha leads by 13051 votes in Nizamabad Lok Sabha. KCR leads by over 5000 votes in Gajwel. Manda Jagannatham leads over 18000 votes. 10:38 am

Manda Jagannatham leads. 10:30 am

TRS leads in Pedapalli by over 7000 votes. TRS leads by 3487 votes in Adilabad. TRS leads by 5831 in Zahirabad. TRS candidate K Vidyasagar rao leads by over 4000 votes. TRS leads by 7000 votes in Chevella. Putta Madhu leads by 4000 votes in Manthani. 10:28 am

KCR leads by 5000 votes in Gajwel. Kadiam Srihari leads by 65,000 votes. TRS contintues its dominance in Mahbubnagar. 10:26 am

Manda Jagannatham leads by 18000 votes in Nagarkurnool. TRS leads by 10000 votes in Bhuvanagiri. 10:23 am

Jagidish Reddy leads by 3300 votes. TRS most likely to form Government in Telangana with clear majority. 10:18 am

Pocharam Srinivas Reddy leads in Banswada. DS trails in Nizamabad Rural. TRS MP leads in Mahbubnagar Lok Sabha. 10:16 am

TRS leads in Mahbubnagar Lok Sabha. DK Aruna trails in Gadwel. Kavitha leads by 9428 votes in Nizamabad Lk Saabha. Geta Reddy leads by 401 in Zahirabad. 10:14 am

KCR leads by 10,000 votes in Medak Lok Sabha. KCR leads by 4781 votes in Gajwel Assembly. Balkasuman leads by 5000. 9:36 am

New Democracy leads in Illandu. TRS leads in 8 seats in Warangal and 4 in Nalgonda. Gajjela Nagesh leads. 9:30 am

Former minister DK Aruna trails. 9:27 am

KCR leads by 9000 votes in Medak Lok Sabha. 9:25 am

Rasamai leads in Manakondur. TRS leads in most number of constiutencyies including Secunderbad and Patancheru. 9:25 am

Former Minister Sunitha Laxma Reddy trails. 9:14 am

Kishan Reddy leads by 452 votes in Amberpet. Uttam Kumar Reddy leads by 1500 votes. TRS leads in Choppadandi. 9:14 am

BJP leads in Khairatabad. TRS leads in 4 Assembly in Nalgonda. TRS leads in Nizamabad Urban and Rural constituencies. KCR leads by 1851 votes in Gajwel 9:11 am

TRS leads in 33 Assembly and 5 Lok Sabha 9:04 am

Surekha, Babu Mohan of TRS party leads. TSR leads in Nakrekal. 9:00 am

Ponnala Lakshmaiah trails in Jangaon Assembly 8:58 am

TDP leads in Devarakadra

TRS leads in 8 Assembly seats in Warangal

Balaraju leads in Champet

TRS leads in Balkonda, Arumur, Devarakadra Assembly

TRS leads by 1500 votes in Medak Lok Sabha

TRS leads in Kuthubullapur Assembly

Gadari Kishore leads

Congress leads in Andole Assembly. 8:49 am

TDP leads in Devarakonda Assembly. 8:49 am

Gangula Kamalakar leads by 1400 in Karimnagar 8:48 am

BJP leads in Karwan Assembly 8:45 am

TRS leads in Mahbubnagar district and Vemulavada

TRS leads in Malkajgiri Lok Sabha 8:43 am

Gongidi Sunitha in Alair leads by 2000 votes 8:43 am

TRS leads in Vardhannapeta Assembly 8:40 am

Nallala Odelu leads in Chennur 8:39 am

TRS leads in Shadnagar Assembly 8:39 am

Jupally leads by 163 votes 8:38 am

Dr Rajaih leads by 170 votes in Station Ghanpur constituency 8:38 am

TRS leads in Choppadandi and Vemulavada Assembly 8:37 am

KTR leads by 5000 votes in Sircilla 8:36 am

Kishan Reddy (BJP) leads in Amberpet Assembly by 450 votes 8:35 am

Mynampalli Hanumantha Rao leads in Malkajgiri

K Kavitha (TRS) leads by 4000 votes in Nizamabad Lok Sabha8:34 am

KTR leads by 4000 votes in Sircilla 8:31 am

TRS leads in Malkajgiri Lok Sabha 8:31 am

Gongidi Sunitha leads by 550 votes in Alair 8:31 am

Kadiam Srihari leads by 10,987 votes 8:29 am

Kadiam Srihari leads by 5000 votes

Jupally leads by 163 votes in Kollapur

TRS leaders in Alair Assembly

T Rajaiah leads by 175 votes in Station Ghanpur 8:21 am

First result expected before 10 am 8:03 am

Counting begins with postal ballots first at 8:30 am. 8:00 am

1669 candidates are in fray for 119 Assembly constituencies and 265 candidates for 17 Lok Sabha seats.


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