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Government of India issues order 'to serve' to 9893 employees

May 31, 2014

The Government of India has issued orders to serve in Telangana to 9,893 State employees of all cadres of the united Andhra Pradesh. Of this, 8,601 were allotted Head of Department offices, 1164 Secretariat departments and 128 employees Legislature of Telangana State that comes from June 2. The orders will be expected to be issued to the employees on June 1.

The Department of Personnel and Training has issued orders to local, district, zonal and multi-zonal cadre employees to continue work on as-is-where-as basis in both he successor States as per the provisions of the State Reorganization Act, 2014.

Principal Secretary, Finance PV Ramesh addressing the media said that the temporary allotment of employees would be in force till the final allocation of all 65,000 State level employees including 18,000 vacancies between the two successor States within three to six months. He said as grievance cell will look into the concerns of employees who are being issued orders to serve in Telangana State on local status and seniority issues, which were the basis for temporary allotment. The cell would be set up in every department within 15 days, he said.

44 IAS officers for Telangana State

The Central Government has allotted 44 IAS officers of the undivided cadre of Andhra Pradesh to the State of Telangana with effect from June 2. The Pratyush Singh Committee will also issue guidelines for the final allocation of All India Officers between the two successor States.


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