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English and Foreign Languages University

The English and Foreign Languages University, also called EFLU, is a Central University in India. It has its main campus at Hyderabad and also operates at Lucknow, Shillong and Malapuram.

The University was established by government of India in 1958.

Key People


Authorities at English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) have issued show cause notices to three students for breaking library door. The students allegedly broke the door protesting the closure of reading rooms. The students claim that they were being targeted, which the authorities denied. Mar 26, 2014

A student Mohan Dharavath, filed an SC/ST atrocity complaint against University's Vice-Chancellor Sunaina Singh and Proctor Professor Harish Kumar Vizra and alleged that they are harassing him as he belonged to a marginal caste. Osmania Police are seeking legal advice on their next steps. May 7, 2014


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