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Telangana Dialect

The Telangana dialect has a rich history. It has been used by many great poets and scholars like Tikkanna and Vereshalingam. Even revered poets hailing from Andhra region like Tikkana Somayaji used to borrow words from Telangana dialect for their works.

The words used in Telangana language can be traced back to ancient literature, which shows the history of Telangana language. Some of the words have their origin in Vedas as well.

Telangana dialect was later used with Hyderabadi words to project the language in a humorous way. During the Nizams' rule, people started using Telangana words with Urdu words. Words like Pareshan Chestundu, julum etc. were said to be evolved during Nizams' rule.

Modern Language

The Telangana language has become so diverse that it varies within various castes and regions. Words used in Karimnagar district are different from those used in Nalgonda district.