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1. This is a private group exclusively for News and Information updates about Telangana.

2. Please do not post anything outside the topic of Telangana. In particularly, do not spam or post any irrelevant messages in the group. Please avoid "Good Morning" messages, blank emoticons, inspirational / devotional messages or forwards. Please avoid chit chat and casual / small talk. All of us are members of other groups where we get them.

3. In particular, DO NOT POST messages or links to other groups or about shopping offers such as mobile recharges etc.

4. Please refrain from posting any unncessary political views or commentry.

5. Please post messages in English or Telugu language only so that every member can understand.

6. Respect other members and speak to them with fair and respectable manner and in a decent language. Please do not argue with group members or with the admins.

7. Please also understand and value each others time. If any one feels this group is not suitable for them, they are free to leave the group. Helps admins accommodate better focussed people.

8. As a group policy, and in order to keep the group neat and clean, there shall be an admin for every 50 members in the group.

9. Request members to put their name in WhatsApp profile settings so that other group members can address you.

10. Your continued presence in the group will mean you agree and abide to the terms of the group.

11. Members who violate group rules will be immediately removed and will not be added back to the group. So please be careful about what you are sharing with the group. This is done to protect the interest and privacy of group members.

12. Disclaimer: It is safe to assume that the admins, all members of this group, including myself, share our opinions to be the best of our knowledge. Hence, views, suggestions, recommendations, advice or discussions given or shared, even when they sound like a clear actionable recommendation are to be treated as based on personal opinion / experiences and in good faith. No member of the group shall be held responsible for any losses or suffering incurred directly or indirectly because of any post made in this group. You are solely responsibe for the consequences that arise because of an action related to this group. Do not trust any member of the group because we never meet or know each other in person.